Our Expectations of You

Honesty, Cooperation & Communication

Honesty and Cooperation

Our team will be professional,honest and cooperative with you prospective sellers and their agents.

Communication and Education

You should expect prompt communication and to be informed throughout the entire process from team members.

Professional Conflict Resolution

We cannot guarantee the transaction will go 100% smoothly. There are over 100 different things that can go wrong and will require our attention and resolution.What we can promise is to represent our clients and help them to navigate any situation that may arise.

Sign your agent agreement and transfer your license to Second Avenue.

Day 1-3

Agent Onboarding and Training.  

Day 4-7

Receive Live Leads during training and go on seller appointments.

Day 8-9

Sign first seller contact.

Day 9-21

Help seller through closing process.

Day 25

Closing on first seller contract.

Day 25

Title company distributes funds.

Day 31

Receive first Commissions. Congratulations!

Welcome to our Team